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Think VehiDome

VehiDome – Indoor Vehicle Climate Test

The automotive industry is faced with several challenges, where new transportation methods, choice of fuel and engine types will change the way man will handle the need of transportation in the future.

Today, the vehicles are not the same as the vehicles of the eighties and we all know that the vehicles of tomorrow will be totally different from what we see today.

The development of the future vehicles calls for solutions where new tests and validations can be designed and where controllable conditions securing repeatability can be offered 24/7 – 365 days per year.

The demand for testing possibilities increases continuously due to increased volumes as well as the automotive industry’s need to shorten lead times in the process of model development.

The increasing need of climate testing in combination with seasons that becomes shorter year by year has formed a drastically increase in demand for efficient proving ground with stable and controllable climatic conditions.

VehiDome in short

  • Offering the largest indoor climate proving grounds
  • High-speed indoor testing
  • Large indoor area with no obstacles
  • No GPS signal interference
  • Unique indoor proving ground for all test programs
  • Unbeatable repeatability
  • Perfect High My/Low My conditions every day
  • Cold climate testing anywhere in the world
  • Automotive testing at your doorstep
  • Nightvision testing during daytime
  • Cost effective
  • New unique Scandinavian technology
  • Patent Pending

The problem it solves

  • No more size limitations
  • No more safety issues with supporting poles
  • No more safety issues with surrounding walls
  • No more economical obstacles
  • No more limitations in design of climate halls
  • No more GPS signal interference

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