Cold Climate Hall

(In this example: 75 000 m2)
24/7-365 cold climate conditions with snow, ice and asphalt giving various Low My as well as High My tracks. Due to its height, the VehiDome is also suitable for indoor hill-testing, which is new to the market.

Handling Climate Hall

(In this example: 30 000 m2)
24/7-365 weatherproof handling track with winter conditions or summer conditions all depending on your needs. The VehiDome concept allows for retrofit on existing tracks without damaging the tracks. The design of the VehiDome follows your track design for optimum test conditions.

Dry Climate Hall

(In this example: 40 000 m2)
24/7-365 weatherproof dry condition Asphalt VDA suitable for a number of important High My tests. As an example; The VehiDome Dry Asphalt Climate Hall secures the right conditions and repeatability in rollover-tests which is statutory in the Euro NCAP regulations for development of all new SUVs.


(In this example: 25 000 m2)
24/7-365 weatherproof ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) – and AV (Autonomous Vehicles) testing with blackout possibilities for indoor daylight tests as well as night vision tests. The possibility to control both climate as well as light gives unbeatable test options and repeatability.

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